California Company to Improve Cybersecurity of Polish Defense Agency

California-based cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks has signed an agreement to improve the digital resilience of Poland’s state-owned defense industry holding company PGZ.

The cooperation will involve the exchange of information on cybersecurity threats, convene corresponding meetings, and develop competency projects to amplify the Polish agency’s digital capabilities.

The framework agreement will also see test implementation and hands-on workshops to simulate experiences related to military command, control, communications, and computer (C4) areas.

Palo Alto Networks and PGZ will share best practices, trends, and technologies throughout the effort.

Additionally, the Polish agency will receive e-learning platforms to maintain skill development for associated personnel.

“In the era of current threats and technological development, cybersecurity is one of the most important domains for the development of the PGZ Group,” PGZ Management Board President Krzysztof Trofiniak stated.

“Cooperation with Palo Alto Networks, a leading American company in cybersecurity, will add another step towards expanding the potential of the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa. We want to improve the security of the cyberspace in which we increasingly operate.”

Polish Cybersecurity Partnership Program

Poland selected the Santa Clara company in January as one of its industry collaborators for the government’s ongoing Cybersecurity Partnership Program or PWCyber.

According to Warsaw, the initiative is a non-commercial public-private effort to implement a national cybersecurity system, uninterrupted provision of critical digital services, and effective response to digital incidents.

PWCyber coordinates with companies under the EU, NATO, and other allied partner nations, including American companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and Amazon.

“The collaboration between Palo Alto Networks and the Polish Armaments Group is a model example of a response to the hybrid threats experienced in Poland,” Palo Alto Networks Eastern Europe Vice President and Managing Director Wojciech Gołębiowski remarked.

“At the same time, we will gain deeper insights into the specifics of digital threats faced by the defense industry.”

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