Germany, UK to Collaborate on RCH 155 for Mobile Fires Platform Program

The UK is set to collaborate with Germany on the development of the Remote-Controlled Howitzer 155mm (RCH 155) wheeled artillery system.

The system will be developed for the British Army’s Mobile Fires Platform to introduce a new long-range artillery system into the force.

A joint assessment and qualification plan will be in place as tests are conducted in local trial centers to ensure the RCH 155’s efficiency in platform commonality and modularity.

The UK Ministry of Defence stated that the program will accelerate the delivery of the new weapon system.

“RCH 155 will provide a world class 155mm self-propelled artillery gun system to the Royal Artillery – an excellent strategic fit with the British Army of the future,” Deputy Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Dame Sharon Nesmith DCB said.

The RCH 155 at a Glance

Designed as a combination of KNDS’ Artillery Gun Module and the Boxer 8×8 armored fighting vehicle, the RCH 155 can shoot multiple targets at a rate of up to eight rounds per minute with an effective firing range of up to 34 miles (54 kilometers).

The 39-ton howitzer is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 60 miles (103 kilometers) per hour with an operational range of 400 miles (700 kilometers).

Its future operators include Ukraine, which is scheduled to receive the first of 36 from Berlin by the end of 2024.

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