Russia Producing More Weapons Than Needed in Ukraine: German Minister

Russia has been producing military weapons and equipment in excess of its actual needs in Ukraine, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has claimed.

Pistorius, who appeared on a German television news program on Thursday, said Moscow is working beyond simply replenishing its stockpiles, hinting at the country’s bigger military ambitions.

He also revealed that a significant portion of the surplus weapons no longer goes to the frontline but ends up in warehouses.

“Now you can be naïve and say he (President Vladimir Putin) is doing it just out of caution,” Pistorius stressed. “As a skeptical person, I would say in this case that he’s doing it because he has [other] plans.”

He noted that Russia is able to produce more than it needs because of its increased defense spending and transition to a war economy.

Battlefield Upper Hand

Russia’s ability to quickly replenish its stockpiles despite international sanctions is one reason why it is said to be gaining the upper hand in Ukraine.

Earlier this year, the Russian defense ministry announced it had inducted over 1,500 new main battle tanks (MBTs) in 2023 to support its war campaign.

A UK Ministry of Defence intelligence report partially confirmed the report, saying Moscow has retained its capacity to replace battlefield losses as it can now produce 100 MBTs per month.

Additionally, the country has dramatically increased ammunition production to resupply its frontline troops more rapidly.

War Escalation Concerns

Pistorius’ remark comes amid growing concerns about Russia’s suspected plans to attack a NATO member state by 2026.

A recent German intelligence report claimed that its increased military production indicates that it is preparing for a major conflict beyond the war in Ukraine.

The report is consistent with an assessment that the country’s increased arms production could double its military strength in the next few years.

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