Germany Orders 40mm Grenade Launchers From Austria

Austrian arms manufacturer Steyr has signed a contract to supply Germany’s armed forces with the GL-40 low- and medium-velocity grenade launcher.

The order calls for 4,776 of the 44mm portable launchers, according to German outlet Hartpunkt.

The grenade launchers are designed as both a standalone device and as an attachment on rifles such as the G95K and the Steyr AUG assault rifles.

They are also expected to be used on the force’s upcoming G95KA1 and G95A1 guns, some of which are expected to be handed over this year.

Steyr’s Portable GL-40 Launcher

Steyr’s GL-40 launcher is designed with an adjustable stock that transitions from an under-barrel capability to a stand-alone weapon without the need for special tools.

The weapon weighs only 3.75 pounds (1.7 kilograms), with a 15.2-inch (39 centimeters) total length and an 11-inch (28 centimeters) barrel.

Its modular design allows it to be compatible with various sighting devices for maximum visibility and operational awareness.

The platform’s cold-forged barrel is heat, stress, and corrosion-resistant, helping maintain the weapon’s accuracy and durability.

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