Rheinmetall to Supply Germany With 191,000 Intercom Systems

Rheinmetall has been chosen to equip Germany’s armed forces with 191,000 tactical communications systems in a potential 400-million-euro ($430 million) deal.

The “intercom with hearing protection function” sets will feature modern active capsule ear protection that greatly reduces harmful noise and amplifies quiet sounds.

They will also have a radio-connecting microphone as their main transmission feature, allowing for real-time communication during operations.

The company will supply the intercom system over a span of seven years, with the first tranche of 30,000 expected to be delivered this year followed by a second in 2025.

Modernizing Germany’s Military

Rheinmetall has partnered with Berlin in its military modernization efforts, particularly for equipment managed by dismounted troops.

In January, the company announced that it will deliver 14 Future Soldier- Extended System units for the army, which will link soldiers to Puma infantry fighting vehicles serving as their “mother ship.”

The system allows all troops to communicate in a more robust manner, supported by a network of sensors and effectors for better target detection and engagement.

Other defense upgrades from Rheinmetall include the upcoming delivery of up to 123 8×8 Heavy Weapon Carriers, which are scheduled to replace the army’s Wiesel tracked vehicles for direct tactical fire support.

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