European Defence Agency Orders Satellite Prototype

Tyvak International, an aerospace subsidiary of Terran Orbital, has been awarded a contract to design a Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO) satellite for the European Defence Agency’s Hub for EU Defense Innovation.

The contract will see the Italian company create a proof-of-concept prototype for preliminary design review, which includes leading market analysis, key component identification, and satellite development feasibility studies.

The EU agency will use the LEO to VLEO satellite to support military operations through a constellation of other spacecraft.

“This collaboration presents a remarkable opportunity to leverage our expertise and innovative solutions to support the critical mission objectives of the European Defence Agency. By doing so, we will drive advancements in satellite technology and propel future defense capabilities,” Tyvak CEO Fabio Nichele said.

EDA’s Space Plans

Aside from selecting established aerospace firms for the development of new capabilities, the European Defence Agency (EDA) has been pushing for the creation of more satellites by facilitating partnerships among EU members.

Last month, the agency announced that the Netherlands and Austria have teamed up to design, develop, launch, and operate a constellation made up of two to four satellites.

The project, estimated to be worth 10 million euros ($10.9 million), will shed light on the cost of similar operations conducted within short time frames.

The EDA estimates that the satellites will be launched in two years.

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