Netherlands, Austria Team Up to Build Very Low Orbit Satellite

The European Defence Agency (EDA) has revealed that the Netherlands and Austria have teamed up to create a satellite demonstrator that can travel in both Low and Very Low Orbit.

The LEO2VLEO: Military Crisis-Response Satellite Constellation project, estimated at 10 million euros ($10.9 million), is planned to launch and operate up to four satellites to support military operations.

Its demonstrator will shed light on the cost of such operations within a short time frame. Additionally, it will tackle issues commonly faced by satellites in the two orbits, including space debris collisions and surface erosion.

Once fully operational, the satellites will maneuver at an altitude of 155 to 1,240 miles (250 to 2,000 kilometers) above the Earth.

The project’s first launch is scheduled in two years.

EDA and Space

EDA facilitated the collaboration by hosting the partnership agreement in its Capability Technology Areas Space event in January.

The agency promotes space domain projects and other innovative military solutions through the EDA Hub for EU Defence Innovation.

It functions as an enabler and facilitator for ministries of defense interested in strengthening ties with other countries through collaborative projects.

Moreover, the EDA regularly coordinates with international space organizations, including the recently-launched Spanish Space Agency, to serve as the hub for European defense cooperation.

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