Spain Launches New Space Command

Spain has launched its Space Command, a new agency of the Spanish Air and Space Force (SASF) built to establish the country’s defense and security in orbit.

The agency is composed of 12 military personnel from SASF and two civilians from Defence Systems Engineering for technical advisory work.

The space command integrates the General Air Command’s Aerospace Observation Systems Center and the Space Surveillance Operations Center. The two organizations will detect, catalog, and map threats in space to plan a safe area of operation.

The agency will enter its limited initial operational phase in February, making contact with its French, German, and US counterparts, as well as NATO and EU agencies, for training and collaboration.

Spain’s Newest Space Entities

Spain’s recent push for a stronger space presence began in April 2023, after the establishment of the Spanish Space Agency (AEE).

The AEE was built to eliminate the need for other government agencies to handle talks with international space organizations like the European Space Agency and NASA.

Managed by both the Ministry of Science and Defence, its purpose is to coordinate all space services and activities to support the government’s strategic action beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

The AEE currently has an annual budget of 700 million euros ($769 million), creating committees focusing on technology and innovation, space programs and industries, and security and planning.

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