Sweden Orders $37M Gripen Target Pod Package From Saab

Sweden has ordered additional LITENING 5 target designator pods from Saab, estimated at 390 million kronor ($37 million).

The pods are set to be implemented onto the country’s Gripen multi-role fighter aircraft, serving as the planes’ main targeting and tracking system.

The deal also covers maintenance support and spare parts for the capability.

Saab Aeronautics business head Lars Tossman stated the deal secures Sweden’s ability to maintain the pods in a mission-ready state.

“By building up a maintenance capability for this version of target designation pod, Saab is ensuring that the Swedish Armed Forces can maintain them within Sweden’s borders,” he said.

Delivery for the pods, as well as corresponding maintenance support, will take place in 2026.

Saab serves as a major partner in Sweden’s push to upgrade its Gripen fleet, having signed a $338-million contract with the country to update its engines, electronic warfare and radar systems, and software features.


First introduced in 2019, the LITENING 5 variant improves upon its original build with higher-resolution infrared cameras, as well as incorporating a synthetic aperture radar with a 62-mile (100 kilometers) range.

Each unit costs around $1.4 million.

Sweden has integrated the variant on its Gripen C/D planes, and has recently ordered more for implementation on its Gripen E fleet.

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