US Completes First Stage of Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Shipment to Lithuania

The US has completed the first stage of Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) deliveries to Lithuania as part of a 2019 contract.

 Facilitated by American manufacturer Oshkosh, the final delivery of 50 vehicles was made on December 26.

This tranche increased Vilnius’ existing JLTV fleet to 200, the exact number of units agreed upon and expected per the contract with Washington.

“Procurement of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicles from the United States is one of the most vital steps in Lithuanian Armed Forces upgrade,” Lithuanian Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas stated.

“We are glad the supplier took its commitment seriously: despite the agreement to deliver the last JLTV batch of the first contract in 2024, the equipment was made and delivered ahead of schedule as requested by the Ministry of National Defence.”

Lithuanian JLTV Fleet

The defense ministry accepted the first tranche of JLTVs in 2021. Preparation of maintenance and operating personnel commenced in parallel with the delivery.

The second tranche of the 2019 order was handed over at Lithuania’s armed forces depot service facility in Šiauliai. The third tranche arrived in the country in May 2023.

Additional 300 Vehicles Expected

The US State Department’s 2019 foreign military sale to Lithuania included an option to ship up to 500 JLTVs.

In October 2022, the Baltic state exercised this option and ordered 300 more units.

Vilnius said the decision is critical to ensuring that the Lithuanian Armed Forces’ capabilities match with NATO allies, the US, and other EU states.

Joint Light Tactical Vehicle
50 units of the JLTV Joint Light Tactical Vehicle delivered to the Lithuanian Armed Forces Depot Service. Photo: Lithuanian Ministry of Defence

“Our military cooperation with the United States is expanding and we are capable of contributing to the security of the eastern flank of NATO together,” Anušauskas said during the procurement notification.

“This sends a strong signal to our Allies that Lithuania not only assists Ukraine in its struggle with everything we have but also takes care to invest in its own defence and the defence of the whole Alliance.”

Oshkosh is expected to start work for the second stage this year.

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