Lithuania Receives Third Batch of Joint Light Tactical Vehicles

The Lithuanian Armed Forces have received the third tranche of Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JTLVs) from Oshkosh Defense.

The handover consisted of 50 vehicles, bringing the Lithuanian military’s current JLTV fleet to 150.

“The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle is the most cutting-edge light tactical armored vehicle in the world,” the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence said.

“The technically advanced vehicles ensure high crew safety and better efficiency in reconnaissance, artillery and air support  operations. The purchase not only increases capability of the Lithuanian Armed Forces but also builds on the Lithuanian-US military interoperability.”

Joint Light Tactical Vehicle
Fifty Joint Light Tactical Vehicles delivered to the Lithuanian Armed Forces Depot Service. Photo: Lithuanian Ministry of Defence

Lithuania’s Growing JLTV Fleet

The delivery builds on a 2019 agreement to procure 200 JLTVs from the US.

It was then followed by a contract last year to acquire 300 additional vehicles as part of Lithuania’s response to the Ukraine war.

The first and second JLTV tranches arrived in 2021 and 2022 and are now deployed across Lithuanian tactical groups.

Oshkosh will complete the remaining vehicles under the initial contract in 2024.

Meanwhile, the firm is expected to carry out the second additional JLTV delivery in late 2023 through 2024.

“This is an important step towards the modernization of the Lithuanian Armed Forces,” Lithuanian Defence Vice Minister Margiris Abukevičius stated during the shipment of the first JLTVs.

“We are very happy about our increasing military cooperation with the US, while this project really contributes and shows our willingness and action in protecting the NATO eastern flank.”

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