Rheinmetall to Produce Undercarriages, Arms for PzH 2000 Howitzers

Rheinmetall has received a 135-million-euro ($146 million) order from KNDS to supply core components for its PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers.

The arms manufacturer will build undercarriages and 155 mm L52 Artillery Gun systems for 22 German Army howitzers.

The vehicles will be fitted with the capabilities at Rheinmetall’s Unterlüß site and delivered to the army by 2025.

Rheinmetall said the systems replaced by the new components have been handed over to Ukraine, which is using the howitzers to counter Russia in the ongoing war.

Howitzers at a Glance

The Panzerhaubitze 2000 is a stable-platform howitzer capable of hitting targets up to 34 miles (54 kilometers) away with a firing rate of 10 rounds per minute.

Its 155 mm gun is equipped with Rheinmetall’s Artillery Modular Charge System, which allows it to use all NATO-standard 39-and 52-caliber gun configurations.

The vehicles are operated by nine countries, including Greece, Croatia, and Hungary, which has an ammunition plant in the middle of expansion to produce the howitzers’ ammunition artillery shells.

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