General Dynamics to Revamp CENTCOM’s IT Infrastructure

General Dynamics has received a $922-million contract to update the US Central Command’s (CENTCOM) information technology infrastructure.

CENTCOM is a unified combatant group responsible for coordinating operations between the US military and allied forces to secure the government’s interests overseas.

The command’s area of responsibility encompasses 21 nations across the Middle East, Northeast Africa, and Asia.

Under the agreement, General Dynamics will implement artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to modernize CENTCOM’s enterprise data capabilities.

This approach is expected to amplify decision-making, advance the command’s transition into a new cloud-based environment, and improve the utility and efficiency of its networks.

In addition, the company will employ zero-trust capabilities to upgrade the agency’s digital defenses against cyber threats.

“Technological innovation is critical to promoting stability and protecting our national security interests in this strategically important region,” General Dynamics Information Technology’s Brian Sheridan stated.

“We look forward to delivering advanced solutions to enable CENTCOM to be better connected and prepared in support of its missions.”

Recent Cyber Programs

General Dynamics and industry partner HII collaborated last year to enhance the information-sharing capabilities of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance.

The three-year project will provide “seamless collaboration” by covering support for video, chat, phone, and email solutions between members US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

In 2022, General Dynamics won a $908-million contract to deliver network services for the US Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa.

This agreement will facilitate air force base support, platform engineering, communication planning, operational mapping, and information systems services until 2027.

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