MBDA to Supply CAMM Missiles for Royal Swedish Navy

European arms manufacturer MBDA has received a contract to deliver Common Anti-Air Modular Missiles (CAMMs) to the Royal Swedish Navy.

The weapons will be distributed to five operational Visby-class corvettes, fired from the Sea Ceptor ship-based air defense systems installed in each vessel.

‘Formidable’ Capability

MBDA’s CAMM leverages soft vertical launch technology for a minimal launch signature while retaining intercept performance. Its compact design enables other weapons to fit in a surface vehicle with limited space.

The surface-to-air missile is compatible with various surveillance sensors and provides 360-degree coverage for effective target acquisition.

Coupled with the Sea Ceptor, the warhead will enable users to deter supersonic anti-ship missiles, attack helicopters, and unmanned aerial systems.

“CAMM will provide Sweden and the Royal Swedish Navy with a formidable air defence capability that gives the country a strong new contribution to NATO together with other allied Sea Ceptor users like the Royal Navy from the United Kingdom,” MBDA CEO Eric Beranger stated.

“We’re proud also to be continuing our long history of partnership with Sweden and Swedish industry, including Saab.”

Medium Advanced Air Defence System
Medium Advanced Air Defence System. Image: MBDA

Recent CAMM Projects

MBDA signed a $4.89-billion transfer of technology contract with Poland in November, enabling the country to produce over 1,000 CAMM extended range variants as part of Warsaw’s ongoing air defense modernization.

In May, the company facilitated a live firing event of the CAMM missile using a medium-range defense system for the Italian Air Force.

MBDA also accepted a $145-million contract to deliver the missile for Saudi Arabia’s multi-surface combat vessels in February.

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