MBDA Demonstrates Medium-Range Missile Defense System for Italian Air Force

MBDA recently test-fired a new medium-range missile defense system using the CAMM-ER missile.

The Medium Advanced Air Defence System (MAADS) is slated for induction into the Italian Air Force, replacing the SPADA short-range air defense system.

In the trial, the system detected, identified, and evaluated a target drone simulating an enemy missile before launching the CAMM-ER for interception.

Medium Advanced Air Defence System

The MAADS consists of a Detection Centre module, launcher, and the CAMM-ER, which can strike a target around 45 kilometers (28 miles) away, making it a medium-range system.

The trial demonstrated the missile’s integration with the module, which includes MBDA’s Battle Management Command, Control, Communication, Computer & Intelligence, and Leonardo’s Kronos Land radar.

It also verified the two-way data link between the CAMM-ER and the MAADS.

The trial involved a joint team of MBDA UK, MBDA Italy, and the Italian Ministry of Defence arms procurement agency, the General Secretariat of Defense. 

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