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Indian Army Studying Hamas Use of Paragliders to Infiltrate Israel

The Indian Army is closely analyzing how Hamas infiltrated Israel, particularly its use of paragliders, according to a report by The Hindu, citing unnamed defense sources.

The Palestinian militant group carried out a surprise attack on Jerusalem earlier this month, raising questions about Israel’s intelligence-gathering capabilities.

Hamas bypassed the highly-defended Israeli border by crossing through the air, effectively making their way to enemy territory “unobstructed.”

“The aerial attacks, especially the use of power gliders, is of particular concern for us,” the sources told the outlet. “The idea of the study is to quickly draw the lessons relevant to our context.”

Like Israel, India also has a stiff relationship with its neighbor. Multiple border clashes between Indian and Chinese forces have taken place in recent years.

In addition, India has faced terrorist threats, particularly on its border with Pakistan.

Earlier this year, five Indian soldiers died after suspected Kashmiri rebels opened fire and threw explosives at a military truck.

Use of Inexpensive Drones

Apart from paragliders, Hamas reportedly deployed inexpensive drones to neutralize sophisticated Israeli weapons.

A video circulating on social media showed a cheap, bomb-dropping drone from Hamas destroying an Israeli Merkava Mark IV tank, which cost over $3 million.

It was an effective tactic, as tanks are heavily armored on the sides but vulnerable on the top.

New Delhi hopes to use its analysis to identify which counter-drone systems suit a new form of warfare. More broadly, lessons from the war between Israel and Hamas could help the Indian Army find effective ways to keep up with terrorists’ asymmetric fighting methods.

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