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Israeli Firm Unveils Computerized Firing System for Greater Accuracy

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) has unveiled a computerized small arms system that increases strike probability by three times.

The system, dubbed Arbel, comprises a computer-based platform, an electronic trigger mechanism with sensors, a firing mode, and a removable battery.

Using complex algorithms and motion sensors, the system cuts out firing inefficiencies from human fatigue, breathing, and impaired motor functions. 

When the weapon is on Arbel mode, the system monitors shooter movement and trigger status, selecting the ideal moment of fire for greater accuracy, including on moving targets.

Compatible With Machine Guns, Assault Rifles

Arbel is compatible with both machine guns and assault rifles and has been integrated with Israel’s Negev light machine gun and Arad, Tavor, X95 Mini Tavor, and Carmel assault rifles, according to European Security and Defense.

The Israel Defense Forces have deployed the system in the ongoing Gaza offensive, the outlet added.

It weighs around 900 grams (32 ounces) for a machine gun and around 400 grams (14 ounces) for assault rifles, including the battery, and is operational for up to 60 hours without recharging.

Providing the infantry a system “not only increases combat lethality and survivability significantly but also sets new standards for precision and operational efficiency in dynamic combat environments,” Breaking Defense quoted company official Ronen Hamudot as saying.

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