BAE to Equip European CV90 Combat Vehicle With Elbit Active Protection System

BAE Systems Hägglunds has contracted Elbit Systems to supply an Iron Fist Active Protection System (APS) for a European customer’s CV90 combat vehicle.

The contract is valued at $109 million and will run for three years.

Elbit System’s Iron Fist

The Iron Fist APS is a mountable turret used to increase the survivability of land-based platforms against anti-armor threats, including rocket-propelled grenades, recoilless rifles, kinetic energy ammunition, and anti-tank-guided missiles.

It features a compact design, conformity with different platforms, and utilizes radio-frequency and passive infrared sensing.

The APS fully integrates with existing fire control and battle management systems and Elbit’s proprietary Iron Vision head-mounted display.

The capability has 360-degree coverage with automatic detection of hostile targets, maintaining situational awareness and sight surveillance in open environments and urban warfare.

CV9035 infantry fighting vehicle
CV9035 infantry fighting vehicle. Photo: BAE Systems

Iron Fist’s sensor incorporates search-and-track radar and infrared cameras that leverage data fusion algorithms, providing users with quick and precise threat identification and tracking.

During missions, the APS deploys an explosive charge which creates a shock wave to break or deflect a target at a distance the protected platform will not be affected.

“Recent conflicts have shown that armored fighting vehicles and tanks face an increased danger to forces on the battlefield,” Elbit Systems Land General Manager Yehuda Vered explained.

“The Iron Fist has been proven to be effective against a range of threats including kinetic energy rounds and drones, neutralizing them far from troops inside combat fighting vehicles.”

Recent CV90 Projects in Europe

BAE Systems Hägglunds completed negotiations in May to deliver CV90 infantry fighting vehicles to the Czech Republic.

The $2.2-billion contract ordered a fleet of 246 CV90s in seven different variants.

In December 2022, Slovakia signed an agreement to procure 152 additional CV90s from the company.

In June 2023, both countries and Ukraine announced a joint declaration supporting the information sharing of CV90 sales, processes, operation, training, and maintenance.

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