Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia Sign CV90 Infantry Vehicle Joint Procurement 

The Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine have signed a joint declaration to procure and maintain CV90 infantry fighting vehicles.

The agreement facilitates information sharing between the three countries over the vehicle’s procurement processes, including cooperation in production, operation, training, and servicing.

“I see Ukraine as a clear part of the West. And the strength of the West is in its unity,” CZDefence quoted Czech Minister of Defense Jana Cernochova as saying.

“The signing of the Declaration on Cooperation in the Acquisition and Operation of Infantry Tracked Combat Vehicles clearly shows that we are united and ready to advance in the provision of our defense collectively and that we perceive Ukraine as a full-fledged partner.” 

The agreement was signed on the sidelines of a Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting in Brussels earlier this month. 

Ukrainian defense minister Oleksii Reznikov said that the details of the agreement would be shared later.

Ukraine to Deploy 50 CV90s Against Russia

The development comes days after the Czech Republic announced the procurement of 246 CV90s for $2.2 billion.

Slovakia has already signed an intergovernmental contract with Sweden for the purchase of 152 CV90s for $1.37 billion.

Meanwhile, Sweden wrapped up the training of Ukrainian soldiers on the CV90 earlier this month. Stockholm has pledged to deliver 50 CV90s to Ukraine. 

The BAE Systems tracked vehicle is equipped with a 40-mm automatic cannon capable of shooting down a helicopter from a distance of four kilometers (3.1 miles).

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