Saab Begins Mast Production for Finland’s Future Pohjanmaa Corvettes

Saab has conducted a cutting ceremony in Karlskrona, Sweden, for the first of four masts of the Finnish Navy’s future Pohjanmaa-class multirole corvettes.

The composite materials used for the masts are produced by combining two or more materials with different properties. The masts will be equipped with communication systems, signals, radar, and other navigation units.

Carbon Fiber Masts

The masts will be constructed with composites made of carbon fiber, which reduces a vessel’s weight and radar signature. It is a sustainable alternative that does not corrode, increases payload capability, and lowers fuel consumption.

Capabilities assembled from this material have been delivered to support various ship classes, being used for the hull and superstructure of Sweden’s Visby-class corvettes.

Once completed, the Pohjanmaa masts will each have a height comparable to a five-story building.

Rendering of composite mast for the Finnish Navy's future Pohjanmaa-class corvettes
Rendering of composite mast for the Finnish Navy’s future Pohjanmaa-class corvettes. Photo: Saab

“This was an important day and we are proud to be part of the work to strengthen the Finnish Navy’s capabilities,” Saab Kockums Head and Senior Vice President Mats Wicksell said.

“We look forward to delivering our world-leading composite solutions and combat systems in close cooperation with our Finnish customer.”

New Finnish Corvette Fleet

Saab received the contract to build the Pohjanmaa fleet in September 2019. The project is part of Finland’s Squadron 2020, seeking modern corvettes to replace seven older models.

Construction of the ships began in 2019 and will conclude by 2024. All vessels are expected to operate until the 2050s.

In 2022, the Finnish government awarded BAE Systems a $13.1-million contract to deliver 57-millimeter naval guns for the corvettes.

A year before the Pohjanmaa contract signing, the US approved the $70-million foreign military sale of four missile launching systems for the ships.

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