Finland’s Future Pohjanmaa Corvettes to Receive Additional Weapon System

Finland plans to sign a 12.6-million-euro ($13.1 million) contract with BAE Systems Bofors to procure 57-millimeter naval guns for the Finnish Navy’s future Pohjanmaa-class multirole corvettes.

According to the Finnish defense ministry, the agreement was coordinated with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration to cut costs, enabling the Finnish and Swedish navies to simultaneously acquire the same 57-millimeter variants at a lower price.

The contract follows Finland and BAE Systems’ previous partnership that delivered 57-millimeter artillery systems such as 57Mk3 and 57A to the Finnish Navy.

Once integrated, the new munition system will bolster the self-protection and air defense capabilities of the future Pohjanmaa-class fleet.

The capability is currently equipped with the Finnish Navy’s Hämeenmaa-class minelayers and has already proven effective in operations.

Work for the first four Pohjanmaa-class vessels will be managed by Rauma Marine Constructions. 

In addition to replacing the Finnish Navy’s aging Hämeenmaa and Rauma ships, the Pohjanmaa surface combatants will be deployed in the Baltic Sea to carry out surveillance missions, defend economic zones, and secure the country’s territories.

Previous Artillery Contract for the Pohjanmaa Vessels

Before the latest agreement, the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command was authorized to procure a separate weapon capability for the Pohjanmaa ships.

The 83-million-euro ($86.8 million) agreement ordered the integration of ITO20 surface-to-air-missile systems to all units of the class.

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