UK Experts Teach Ukrainians to Make Building-Penetrating Bombs: Report

British bomb experts are teaching Ukrainians to make can-sized explosives that are capable of penetrating buildings, according to a report by CNN.

Described as a “secret weapon,” the bombs are being used to take down Russian-held infrastructure in strategic locations in Ukraine.

They are also being fitted into drones to target invading Russian soldiers on the battlefield.

“If we have a high-priority target, we of course use this equipment against it,” a Ukrainian soldier told CNN.

Apart from transferring knowledge, the British experts are reportedly providing key components, such as switches, microchips, and 3D printers.

Collective Effort by the West

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began last year, many Western nations have provided Kyiv with military assistance to combat invading forces.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the US military is helping Ukrainian soldiers repair their weapons through phone calls and video chats.

The real-time hardware support, reportedly provided from a base in Poland, often occurs when Kyiv’s forces are exchanging fire with the enemy.

In addition, Estonia said it has provided training and high-powered weapons to Ukrainian snipers to improve their accuracy.

“The trainees are extremely satisfied. We are in touch with them all the time. We can share in their battle victories… They have been actively involved in the war and are doing really well,” Estonian Defense League commander Lt. Col. Jaanus Ainsalu said.

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