Latvia Unveils New Light Military Vehicle Prototype

Latvia has introduced its new light military vehicle prototype to support ground operations.

Named the VR-1 FOX, the domestically-made vehicle is operated by a two to five-person crew and will be used to carry equipment and supplies.

The vehicle can also be fitted with special equipment or weapons to support soldiers on the battlefield.

Two more VR-1 FOX prototypes will be manufactured by Baltic Motorsport Promotion LLC and Vāģi LLC before rigorous testing and deployment begin.

“Today, the jeep designed and prepared for the defense needs of Latvia is presented, in reality it is a combat vehicle,” defense minister Artis Pabriks said.

“If it successfully passes the tests of the armed forces, it could be mass-produced both for the needs of the Latvian armed forces and also for export to the needs of other countries, thus creating new jobs and developing the military industry and economy.”

Nearly 200 Requirements

According to a report by state-run media outlet, the Latvian military presented nearly 200 requirements for the development of the VR-1 FOX vehicle.

The requirements were divided into three categories: use, construction, and modularity.

Joint Headquarters Security Department specialist Aivars Ronis explained that the modularity requirement was to ensure the vehicle can be converted into a jeep or pickup truck for greater flexibility.

The VR-1 FOX must also be able to carry a large payload and military personnel.

Another consideration for the armed forces was the climate and geography of Latvia when designing the vehicle.

It is also imperative that the light military vehicle is easy to use and maintain.

“While the company is interested in testing the safety, endurance, and fitness for different weather conditions and other parameters, the National Armed Forces are more interested in the vehicle overcoming different obstacles in different conditions – sand, snow, dirt,” Ronis revealed.

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