Latvia to Provide Technical Assistance for Czechia’s Ukrainian Ammo Project

Latvia has signed a memorandum of agreement to provide technical assistance for the Czech Republic’s artillery ammunition replenishment project for Ukraine.

Revealed in February, Prague’s effort will supply up to 800,000 artillery shells to Kyiv in response to Russia’s continued aggression. The package will incorporate approximately 500,000 155mm and 300,000 120mm rounds.

Czech President Petr Pavel stated during the announcement that the government will partner with other nations to finance the military aid.

“This initiative is essential to provide Ukraine’s allies with the necessary combat capabilities,” a statement from the Latvian Ministry of Defense said.

“Latvia will continue to support Ukraine against Russia’s aggression until Ukraine wins.”

Earlier this month, Ottawa earmarked over 40 million Canadian dollars ($29.5 million) for the project.

Latvian Donations to Ukraine

Latvia has sent over 650 million euros ($706 million) in donations to Ukraine since Russia invaded in 2022.

About 370 million euros ($402 million) of this funding was allotted to providing military aid.

Throughout Riga’s support for Kyiv, the government has delivered helicopters, drones, howitzers, ammunition, small arms, anti-tank weapons, radars, and personal equipment for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In addition, Latvia completed military training of over 4,000 Ukrainian warfighters last year, which accounts for 10 percent of trainees upskilled under EU forces. The country plans to achieve similar numbers by the end of this year.

Earlier this month, Riga approved a construction program to fortify the Latvian border adjacent to Russia.

Drone Coalition Talks Underway

In January, the 54-nation Ukraine Defense Contract Group, in which Latvia participates, launched a new framework to supply drones for Kyiv.

Riga said that it is now negotiating with industry partners to contribute to this “1-million drone target” effort.

Canada, another coalition member, pledged more than 800 SkyRanger systems for the project last month.

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