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Ukraine Defense Contact Group Launches New Drone Coalition

Members of the US-led Ukraine Defense Contact Group (UDCG) have established a drone coalition to bolster Ukraine’s unmanned capabilities.

The 54-member alliance announced the initiative as a long-term solution to combating Russian aggression.

Latvia is set to lead the coalition, along with Sweden and the UK. Britain also announced its interest in being the coalition co-leader.

Created by Ukraine and Latvia following Latvian Defense Minister Andris Sprudsvisit to Kyiv, the initiative will serve as the UDCG’s premier support in the electronic and warfare technology domain.

Another New Coalition

A Poland-led armored coalition was also announced during the UDCG’s eight virtual meeting, focusing on sustaining and deepening security assistance in the years ahead.

No mandate for the coalition was announced, but the US Department of Defense confirmed that it will join the other capability groups in developing specific aspects of Ukraine’s defenses.

The UDCG’s other established coalitions focus on air force, artillery, maritime security, ground-based air defense, demining, and information technology.

New Commitments

During the meeting, Lithuania announced 22.3 million euros ($24 million) in military and humanitarian aid for Kyiv.

The package will include deliveries of ammunition, drones, power generators, detonation systems, and warm clothing.

The deliveries are part of Lithuania’s 2024-2026 Assistance Plan for Ukraine, which will cost 200 million euros ($217 million). The program will also focus on demining efforts in the war-torn country, offering training and rehabilitation for Ukraine’s armed forces.

Similarly, air defense coalition leader Germany pledged six Sea King multi-purpose helicopters for the cause.

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