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Ukraine to Receive More Than 800 SkyRanger Drones From Canada

The Canadian government is sending over 800 SkyRanger R70 multi-mission drones to Ukraine to support the country’s continuing defense against Russia.

Costing 95 million Canadian dollars ($70.3 million), the unmanned aerial systems will be sourced from American autonomous technology developer Teledyne FLIR.

The systems incorporate a navigation system, camera, and up to 3.5 kilograms (7.7 pounds) of optional payload, including munitions, to boost the Ukrainian armed forces’ detection and identification capabilities.

Kyiv will utilize the drones to scan individuals, vehicles, and other heat sources from long distances in extreme weather and low-light conditions.

While details regarding R70 training and delivery are still being negotiated between Canadian and Ukrainian defense agencies, Ottawa wrote that shipping is expected to begin in spring.

“As the Member of Parliament for Waterloo, I’m pleased to see Teledyne, a Waterloo founded company, developing, engineering, and manufacturing technologies that will provide much needed aid to Ukraine,” Waterloo Parliament Member Bardish Chagger stated.

“Canadians, in a strong majority, refuse the premise of Putin’s illegal war on Ukraine and agree that Canada must do all that we can to stand with Ukrainians. This is yet another example of how Canada is supporting vital efforts.”

Military Aid for Ukrainian F-16s

Canada’s SkyRanger package followed the 19th Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting, a 54-nation alliance formed in response to Russia’s all-out attack on Ukraine in February 2022.

During the assembly in Brussels, Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair pledged 60 million Canadian dollars ($44.4 million) in military aid to sustain weapons stations, avionics, spare parts, and ammunition for Ukraine’s F-16 Fighting Falcon supersonic aircraft.

F-16 jet
An F-16 jet manufactured by Lockheed Martin. Photo: Jewel Samad/AFP

“As we approach the second anniversary of Russia’s illegal invasion, Canada stands firmly with Ukraine in defence of freedom and democracy,” Blair said on the R70 donation.

“In coordination with our allies and partners, we will continue to provide Ukraine with the military aid that it needs to fight and win this war.”

“Today’s announcement ensures that Ukraine has the drones it needs to detect and identify targets which are critical to Ukraine’s ongoing fight. Canada will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes.”

Canada’s Support for Kyiv

Ottawa has committed more than 9.7 billion Canadian dollars ($7.2 billion) to Kyiv since the war began.

Approximately 2.4 billion Canadian dollars ($1.8 billion) of the donations were in direct military aid.

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