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Russia Formally Offers 21 MiG-29 Aircraft to India

Russia has presented India with an offer of 21 MiG-29 fighters, Asia News International reported citing a spokesperson for Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation.

India is currently considering the offer, according to the outlet.

The offer comes a year after India’s council for defense purchases approved the acquisition of the fighter along with 12 Su-30MKI fighters amid a border standoff with China.


India currently operates 69 MiG-29s, first inducted in 1985, which are now undergoing upgrades.

The upgraded aircraft, known as the MiG-29 UPG, will feature air-to-air refueling capacity, cutting-edge avionics, and advanced weapons, equipping it for beyond-visual-range combat.

Leftover Mig-29 Airframes

Although Russia has long ceased producing the aircraft, 21 of its airframes have remained in storage since the 1980s.

The airframes, judged to still be in good condition, will be fitted with equipment and systems as part of the deal, The Print reported.

The aircraft will be manufactured according to the most recent MiG UPG standard under which the Indian Air Force currently operates before delivery to India.

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