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Elbit Lands First Foreign Customer for Red Sky Air Defense System

Elbit Systems has landed the first international customer for its new Red Sky air defense system.

In a recent announcement, the Israeli firm said a foreign customer placed an order for two batteries of the short-range system for $50 million.

It has not provided specific details regarding the new customer, including the region.

However, Elbit said the contract will be executed over a period of two years.

The Red Sky under order will feature the company’s legacy ReDrone electronic warfare solution for detecting, identifying, locating, and neutralizing hostile drones.

It will also incorporate anti-aircraft missile launchers for a more accurate hit.

Protecting Strategic Assets

The Red Sky is described as a Tactical Very Short-Range Air Defense (VSHORAD) system, meaning it can only defend against low-altitude aerial threats.

Nonetheless, it offers a comprehensive solution to ensure both soft-kill and hard-kill defense capabilities.

It consists of a multi-mission tactical radar, a radio frequency jammer, signal intelligence sensors, and the COAPS-L electro-optical payload.

According to Elbit manager Yehuda Vered, the system represents a state-of-the-art solution for defending borders and protecting strategic assets against a wide array of aerial threats

“This new defense solution was created based on close collaboration between Elbit Systems’ divisions, utilizing existing Elbit Systems building blocks and integrating them into a comprehensive new solution with new anti-aircraft missiles and advanced soft-kill defense mechanisms,” he said.

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