Polish Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Planes Over Baltic Sea

Two MiG-29 fighter jets from the Polish Air Force’s 22nd Air Base in Malbork, northern Poland, have intercepted a Russian aircraft flying over the Baltic Sea.

Poland’s Armed Forces Operational Command said a Russian Il-20 surveillance aircraft took off from an airport in Kaliningrad for a reconnaissance flight over international airspace.

The Il-20 did not enter Poland’s territorial waters.

The same plane was intercepted by two F-16 jets from the 31st Tactical Air Base in Krzesiny just three days prior to the latest incident.

The command shared that its air defense crew continues to watch over the country’s security.

“Thanks to the efficient operation of ground staff and aircraft crews, we can be sure that we are protected against airborne threats,” its statement read.

Intercepting Russia in the Baltic

An uptick in Russian air activity over the Baltic region has been observed in recent months, with national and allied defense forces intercepting non-corresponded flights from the country.

In March, two German Air Force Typhoon jets conducted NATO’s first-ever scramble from Lielvarde Air Base in Latvia to escort two Russian military aircraft operating close to NATO territory.

Moscow’s planes did not file a flight plan or use transponders to reveal their identities prior to flying.

The interception occurred just a few hours after the German fighter planes went live to conduct air policing for NATO.

Portugal also escorted two Russian aircraft flying close to the alliance’s airspace until they flew into Russia’s Kaliningrad Flight Information Region in April.

Since 2004, 18 countries have participated in NATO’s air policing missions in the region.

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