Anduril Unveils Pulsar AI-Enabled EW System

Anduril Industries has unveiled a new artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled system that can reportedly turn the tide against sophisticated electromagnetic threats.

Called Pulsar, the device can jam small to medium-sized drones and provide accurate geolocation for friendly forces.

It can rapidly identify targets, thanks to cutting-edge components that enable radio frequency machine learning.

After successfully identifying a threat, the AI allows the Pulsar to transmit data to other trained systems, compressing the timeline for a potential response.

“Pulsar enables warfighters to counter state and non-state actors employing EW capabilities integrated with other advanced technological systems operating across the electromagnetic spectrum and cyberspace domain,” Anduril official Sam El-Akkad said.

An ‘Adaptable’ Platform

Anduril developed Pulsar in response to the growing need for effective countermeasures against known and new threats.

Its software-defined radio, graphics processing unit, and other components reportedly provide the capability to intelligently and autonomously interrogate a wider range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

It also features open architecture for easy integration into common and joint EW and command-and-control systems, creating a unified network of capabilities.

Pulsar can be integrated onto ground vehicles and military aircraft to cover multiple domains.

“Pulsar is an agile software-defined EW system that can swiftly adapt to changing threats and mission needs in all domains for dynamic operations of today and tomorrow,” the company stated.

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