Arizona Firm to Supply Portable Medical Refrigerators for Canadian Military

Arizona-based Delta Development Team Inc. (DDT) has received a contract to deliver portable medical refrigerators for the Canadian Armed Forces.

The firm will provide its Autonomous Portable Refrigeration Unit (APRU), a rugged device that offers continuous cooling for vaccines, blood products, and medications requiring strict temperature control.

It incorporates a military-standard battery with a 95-hour maximum operating time, a touchscreen interface, and a recording system that stores temperature data for up to 72 days.

The APRU can be stored and recharged on a vehicle with 110 volts/12 volts step down power. Its compact design is water and dustproof and can hold up to six separate 500-milliliter packets of blood.

In addition to cooling capabilities, the box includes an embedded heater to prevent articles from freezing, enabling users to perform medical tasks in Arctic conditions.

The refrigeration solution complies with standards set by the Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies and Helicopter Air Ambulance regulations.

Maintaining Readiness

According to DDT, the APRU order will improve the medical capacity of frontline troops “in high-pressure situations.”

Work for the contract will take place over five years. Throughout the project, the company will supply varying numbers of the system annually.

A man with an APRU on his lap with a blood bag uses his phone to connect to the device.
A man with an Autonomous Portable Refrigeration Unit on his lap with a blood bag uses his phone to connect to the device. Photo: Delta Development Team

“Drawing from the experiences of the Australian Defense Force, which employs APRUs extensively during overseas deployments, Canada acknowledges the importance of proactive preparedness,” DDT said in a press release.

“By bringing blood forward on missions, militaries can effectively anticipate and respond to worst-case scenarios, ensuring readiness in the face of adversity.”

Supporting International Projects

DDT noted that the APRU supports an ongoing effort between Canada and Israel to maintain timely blood transfusions across the modern battlefield.

APRU also aligns with a study led by the Pentagon’s Joint Trauma System finding that administering blood within 30 minutes of extreme bleeding significantly increases patient survival rates.

“The APRU, rigorously tested to military standards by esteemed institutions such as the US Air Force Research Lab and the US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory, has demonstrated its effectiveness as a mil-standard product,” DDT stated.

“Its reliability and functionality make it a vital asset in enhancing the medical capabilities of armed forces worldwide even in the most austere locations.”

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