American Defense Contractor to Distribute Ukrainian Tactical Radios in US

Florida-based defense tech company Reticulate Micro Inc. has signed an exclusive distribution agreement to provide Ukrainian-made tactical radios in the US and for allied partners.

The equipment will be sourced from Himera Tech, a defense startup in Kyiv, which develops the “battle-proven” G1 Pro electronic warfare-protected solution.

The G1 Pro is a handheld piece built with anti-interception and detection capabilities to protect users from enemy disruption.

The ergonomic radio is offered with an audio headset, connectors, and remote.

It can be coupled with a mobile phone via an application or Bluetooth to enable configuration depending on mission requirements.

G1 Pro’s connectivity reaches between 500 meters and 2 kilometers (1,640 feet and 1.2 miles), can continuously communicate for up to four days, and has an operating temperature range between -10 and 85 degrees Celsius (-14 and 185 Fahrenheit).

Ukrainian soldiers
Ukrainian soldiers resisting Russian invasion. Photo by Dimitar Dilkoff/AFP

“Our partnership with Himera is focused on delivering a cost-effective, resilient communications capability for the domestic and coalition defense markets,” Reticulate Micro CEO and President Joshua Cryer stated.

“This… technology fills the gap between inexpensive radios that are unsecure, and those that are sophisticated with premium features and correlated prices.”

“We are not looking to compete with larger program of record tactical MESH radios, and in fact, believe the Himera technology is complementary to many of the radios that are currently fielded by US and coalition forces.”

Leveraging Experience in Ukraine

Himera was founded in 2022 amid Russia’s invasion. The G1 Pro, the company’s prime product, was produced rapidly using commercial-off-the-shelf components to address the essential communication needs of defending troops.

Since its launch, the firm has fielded “thousands” of encrypted tactical radios to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“Partnering with Reticulate Micro is an opportunity to aggregate a lot of knowledge and expertise from the global defense market and merge it with what we’ve learned in Ukraine to create even better products,” Himera Co-Founder Misha Rudominski said.

“We built our products with users in mind – to make them easy to use and to resolve specific issues met by those on the front lines of the battlefield.”

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