US Awards Potential $4.1B Battle Command System Contract to Lockheed

The US Missile Defense Agency has awarded Lockheed Martin a $4.1 billion ceiling contract to continue developing the Command and Control, Battle Management and Communications (C2BMC) system.

The defense giant will upgrade the system with the latest security technology to improve the C2BMC’s multi-domain coordinated responses to emerging threats.

The ordering period runs from May 2024 through April 2029, with an option to extend through April 2034. Work will take place in Lockheed’s new facility in Huntsville, Alabama, as well as at its Colorado Springs, Colorado, location.

“With C2BMC’s already well-established lines of reliable communication – operating 24/7, 365 days a year in more than 30 locations across the world – the ability to securely collaborate with other countries, across multiple domains, from any location in near real-time will be a game changer for the defense industry,” Lockheed Martin C4ISR Vice President Erika Marshall said.

The C2BMC is an anti-missile hardware and software interface that gathers data from 30 locations worldwide to counter hostile missiles in all phases of flight.

The C2BMC at a Glance

Officially launched in 2004, the C2BMC was initially designed to serve as the US’ premier capability against intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Since its introduction, it has seen various updates to expand its role. In 2021, the Missile Defense Agency signed a $157-million deal with Lockheed to augment its engagement capabilities for the country’s Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system, used to counter long-range ballistic missile attacks.

It has also received updates to take on hypersonic threats, connecting with the military’s Link 16 tactical data network to neutralize targets via a jam-resistant environment.

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