Polaris Launches Military Snowmobiles With Stealth Features

Polaris Government & Defense has launched a pair of military snowmobiles that feature stealth characteristics.

The 2025 Military 650 TITAN 155 and 2025 Military 850 PRO RMK 155 boast a Blackout Mode in which a single switch instantly turns off all lights for discreet operations. Infrared lighting then provides visibility to operators, the Minnesota-based firm explained.

White body panels enhance the vehicles’ camouflage, and a handlebar with a mountain hoop provides a better ride angle.

The snowmobiles are equipped with a 12-volt power outlet for charging hand-held electronics and other mission essentials, while a power-boosting regulator supports the outlet when the vehicle is idling or at low speed.

650 TITAN Features

The 650 TITAN is built on the proven Matryx platform and is powered by a 650 Patriot engine.

The two-person snowmobile can accommodate an additional 125 pounds (56 kilograms) in the cargo area.

It comes with a hitch to tow a trailer and an additional 1,200 pounds (544 kilograms) of mission-critical supplies.

850 PRO RMK Features

Meanwhile, the lighter and nimbler 850 PRO RMK is designed for superior maneuverability for patrol and reconnaissance.

It features an extended track and tapered tunnel for increased mobility in deep snow.

Both the snowmobiles are equipped with Polaris two-stroke engines and offer both electric and manual start options.

“The all-new 2025 Military 650 TITAN 155 and 2025 Military 850 PRO RMK 155 snowmobiles are engineered with the input of our longstanding snowmobile customers,” Polaris Government & Defense VP Nick Francis said.

“Working closely with the operators that specialize in arctic operations helps ensure these next-gen OSRVs meet the standards and requirements of today’s militaries while continuing to provide exceptional maneuver capability, utility and reliable operation during harsh winter operations.”

Meanwhile, European militaries are planning to procure snowmobiles for operations in colder climates, including the UK, Finland, and Sweden.

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