US Navy Launches Operation Ice Camp in Arctic Ocean

The US Navy has launched Operation Ice Camp in the Arctic Ocean, following the arrival of two fast-attack submarines at the recently-built Ice Camp Whale.

The operation began as the Los Angeles-class submarine USS Hampton broke through the Arctic ice.

The three-week event was established in partnership with the Arctic Submarine Laboratory to support the navy’s research and evaluation of operational capabilities in the region.

Ice Camp will meet national security objectives laid out by the Department of Defense and Navy Arctic Strategy to maintain an enhanced presence in the Arctic through international collaboration.

Personnel from the US Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Space Force are participating in the program. Members of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Navy, French Navy, UK Royal Navy, and the Royal Australian Navy are also participating.

Increased Arctic Activities

Operation Ice Camp comes amid growing military operations in the Arctic.

Russia has bolstered its military presence amid the Russo-Ukrainian war to create a new maritime route for post-sanction trade.

In the west, the US and Canada have teamed up for a tactical force insertion exercise at Cornwallis Island in the Canadian Arctic.

The 37-member contingent was tasked with safely landing an LC-130 Hercules aircraft and securing a perimeter around the area.

The Royal Canadian Navy has also acquired additional ships for increased patrols in the region.

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