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Ukraine Adopts New Drone Tactic to Avoid Russian Booby Traps: Trainer

Ukraine has adopted a new battlefield strategy including drones to prevent its soldiers from falling prey to Russian booby traps.

An Australian military official training Kyiv’s forces in the UK told Business Insider that Ukrainian soldiers are now advancing through trenches “drone-first” to ensure their safety from landmines and other planted explosive devices.

Invading forces have made extensive use of booby traps and mines on the frontline, even at the expense of their own units.

According to military trainer Lt. Col. Davidson, the Ukrainian military also breaks into smaller teams now when going down trenches instead of forming a larger line of people all advancing together.

“Their dispersion is like a method of protection from booby traps. So it just means that they’re not going to all collectively get hit,” he said. 

“They’re just so unsure with booby traps and things like that, that can be found in the trench line.”

Increasing Role

Ukraine’s hybrid trench warfare tactic reflects the increasing role of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the two-year war.

Earlier this year, Ukrainian drones were credited for damaging a Russian arms factory that produces the Pantsir-S air defense system.

A “copter-type” UAV also destroyed a flagship Russian long-range bomber stationed at an airbase south of St. Petersburg.

Because of the integral role of drones in the conflict, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has ordered the creation of a separate military branch dedicated solely to drone warfare.

‘More Accurate Training’

Davidson said the Ukrainian troops currently undergoing training in the UK are quickly adjusting to situations they see on the battlefield, especially regarding trench warfare.

This has allowed military trainers to provide more accurate training to prepare Ukrainian soldiers for frontline deployment.

At the same time, Davidson revealed that trainers are also learning from the Ukrainian troops, adding that the methods used by the Ukrainians can also be incorporated into UK military doctrine.

trench warfare
Ukrainian soldiers take part in trench warfare training in the UK. Photo: AFP

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