Russian Commander Killed by Own Landmine in Ukraine: Report

A top Russian commander recently died in Ukraine after being blown up by one of the landmines the invading forces had planted, the Kyiv Independent reported, citing a Russian online newspaper.

Major General Vladimir Zavadsky, deputy commander of the 14th Army Corps, was reportedly killed near Izium in Kharkiv Oblast.

According to the report, the incident happened during a senseless redeployment of troops away from the frontline.

It is believed that the mine was laid by another Russian unit to protect friendly forces from enemy raiding groups.

The death was later confirmed by the Moscow Higher Combined Arms Command School, the elite military academy where Zavadsky studied.

The commander had served in the Russian Armed Forces for more than 20 years and commanded a motorized rifle battalion before getting killed. He had a wife and two sons.

Covering Up?

Similar to previous high-profile incidents, Zavadsky’s death has not been officially announced by the Russian defense ministry.

According to Telegram channel VChK-OGPU, the military is even trying to cover up the cause of his death by saying it was because of a Ukrainian strike.

“An attempt is also being made to attribute General Zavadsky’s death to an artillery strike by the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” the channel stated.

High-Profile Deaths

Zavadsky is reportedly among at least 12 Russian generals killed in Ukraine since the invasion began in February 2022.

In July, Lt. Gen. Oleg Tsokov was also killed when Ukraine’s forces targeted a hotel in Berdyansk, where Russian military commanders had been staying.

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