Rheinmetall to Develop Lynx-Based Air Defense System for Hungary

Hungary has awarded Rheinmetall a 30 million euro ($32.9 million) contract to develop a new mobile air defense system based on the Lynx KF41 infantry fighting vehicle.

A Skyranger 30 turret and effectors will be integrated with the future system, called the Lynx KF41 Mobile Air Defence Vehicle.

It is part of the European Sky Shield Initiative, launched after Russia’s Ukraine invasion to enhance Europe’s air defense capabilities. 

“The customization development of the Skyranger 30 turret for the Lynx tracked armored vehicle and the integration of additional effectors responds to Hungary’s need to address the current threat situation, adding a new member to the Lynx family in the process,” Rheinmetall stated.

“The system offers an optimum combination of mobility, survivability, flexibility and precision, capable of thwarting highly challenging new threats in the short- and very-short domain.”

Skyranger 30 Turret

Rheinmetall Skyranger 30 turret is designed to counter close and very close-range aerial and ground targets.

It can be mounted on vehicles such as the Boxer. Denmark is planning to mount it on its Piranha 5 armored personnel carrier.

It features state-of-the-art search and tracking sensors and the 35 mm Oerlikon revolving gun or the 30 mm x 173 KCE revolving cannon, depending on requirements.

The 35mm gun has a range of 4,000 meters (13,123 feet), while the 30mm cannon can shoot down targets at up to 3,000 meters (9,842 feet).

Short-range air defense missiles such as the Mistral, Stinger, and Chiron can also be mounted onto the system.

Lynx Vehicle

Hungary has already contracted Rheinmetall to deliver 209 Lynx vehicles in several variants, such as joint fire observer, mortar carrier, command post, field ambulance, and driver trainer.

The Lynx infantry fighting vehicle variant is equipped with a StrikeShield active protection system and can accommodate up to three crew members and eight infantry dismounts.

“We’re committed to offering solutions that will remain more than a match for steadily evolving threats. In this development contract, we’ll be setting the standard yet again in the world of air defense technology,” Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger said.

“The Lynx Skyranger 30 is a top performer, capable of countering a vast variety of threats including ballistic missiles and unmanned aircraft.”

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