Denmark to Base Short-Range Air Defense System on Rheinmetall’s Skyranger

Denmark plans to equip its armed forces with a new mobile short-range air defense system based on Rheinmetall’s Skyranger.

The Skyranger is equipped with anti-aircraft missiles and a 30-millimeter machine gun that can intercept ground-based and aerial threats at short and very short ranges.

Once delivered, the turret will be mounted on the army’s Piranha 5 armored personnel carriers to maintain their mobility and protect them during combat.

The air defense system will include search radars, communication systems, and control centers. Local weapon and aerospace manufacturer Terma will be responsible for integrating the elements into the air defense system.

Danish Army’s Next Air Defense Capability

The decision to buy a new turret system was based on a market analysis considering the Danish Army and NATO’s current operational requirements for air defense.

Furthermore, the weapon of choice has been influenced by knowledge honed from the government’s latest military experiences, such as the ongoing Ukraine war.

The future Danish air defense system’s exact design has not yet been released and might vary from existing Skyranger configurations, according to the Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (FMI).

Skyranger turret mounted on Boxer armored fighting vehicle.
Skyranger turret mounted on Boxer armored fighting vehicle. Photo: Rheinmetall via Twitter

“I am pleased that with the choice of the Skyranger we are acquiring the most modern air defense for the Army,” FMI Head Lt. Gen. Kim Jesper Jørgensen stated.

“At the same time, other countries, including Germany, want to acquire the Skyranger, so we will be able to cooperate with other countries on training, ammunition, spare parts and continuous updates of the system.”

“The next step is to select the anti-aircraft missile to be included in the system.”

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