BAE to Enhance Typhoon Anti-Jamming Capabilities

BAE Systems has secured investment for the next phase of the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft anti-jamming system.

The Digital GPS Anti-jam Receiver (DIGAR) Phase 4 Enhancement is intended to improve the aircraft’s survivability against GPS signal jamming, spoofing, and radio frequency interference.

The funding also covers BAE’s new GEMVII-6 airborne digital GPS receiver, enabling digital beamforming anti-jamming by the aircraft.

“DIGAR uses advanced antenna electronics, high-performance signal processing, and digital beamforming for significantly improved GPS signal reception and superior jamming immunity,” BAE explained.

“These capabilities considerably increase the level of GPS jamming protection and are critical for combat aircraft as they maneuver through a contested battlespace.”

Eurofighter Typhoon

A consortium of BAE, Airbus, and Leonardo developed the aircraft primarily for the British, Spanish, German, and Italian air forces. 

Over the years, five more militaries have acquired the aircraft, including Austria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman.

BAE leads the aircraft’s overall design, production, and upgrade, while Leonardo handles its sensing and survivability, including radars and defensive subsystems.

Survivability Systems Upgrades

Leonardo recently announced the next round of upgrades to the aircraft’s Defensive Aids Sub-System (DASS), including a new radar.

Part of the Phase 4 Enhancement, the DASS includes a Hensoldt digital receiver that helps the aircraft identify “modern and complex targets,” enabling it to deploy appropriate countermeasures.

It also includes band extension, enhancements to signal processing algorithms, and processor capabilities.

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