Amentum, Aptim to Decommission US Army Nuclear Facility in Alaska

The US Army has awarded Amentum and Aptim a $95.5-million contract to decommission and dismantle the US Army Corps of Engineers’ SM-1A Reactor Facility in Fort Greely, Alaska.

SM-1A is a single-loop, 20.1-megawatt, thermal-pressurized water reactor completed in 1962 and shut down in 1972.

During its operational period, the site was planned to be integrated with an Arctic-based nuclear power plant to support the fort’s requirements.

SM-1A was also involved in economic research on the effects of employing a nuclear electric plant compared to the traditional and costly oil-fired system in a remote location.

Under the contract, the team will be responsible for the permit, planning, site preparation, demolition, and disposal of components from the reactor, utility corridors, wells, and other ancillary hubs.

The companies will restore the site and its contaminated soils, and conduct a final status survey of the hazard and radioactive security across the location.

Amentum and Aptim will work with subcontractors, with the effort expected to be completed in six years.

“Amentum will provide the Army Corps of Engineers with advanced engineering capabilities and solutions that have been successful at some of the most challenging environmental cleanup projects in the world,” Amentum National Security President Mark Whitney stated.

Aptim Nuclear Decommissioning SVP David Lowe added, “Our extensive experience performing reactor decommissioning projects for [US Army Corps of Engineers] and the [Army Research Office] enables us to bring advanced innovations and solutions to complete the work safely and effectively at Fort Greely.”

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