Belgium to Deliver Eight Sea Sparrow Surface-to-Air Missiles to Ukraine

Belgium will supply eight Sea Sparrow air-defense missiles to Ukraine.

Brussels is drawing the missiles from the lot of 14 missiles it recently bought from Germany, L’Echo revealed, citing sources.

The munitions were installed on a recently decommissioned German frigate. 

Belgium purchased them for 7,000 euros ($7,522) per unit.

Ship-Borne Missile

The ship-borne missile is primarily employed in a point defense role against aircraft and anti-ship missiles. 

It features a 90-pound (41-kilogram) blast fragmentation warhead and can engage targets up to 19 kilometers (12 miles) away.

Ukraine is expected to modify the US-made missiles for surface-to-air missions or to arm drones, the Belgian outlet added.

Belgium’s Planned Aid for Ukraine

The missile is part of a larger aid package worth 150,000 euros ($161,000) the country is planning for Ukraine.

The aid includes 3,200 FNC (Fabrique Nationale Carabine) magazines for assault rifles and 50 Bangalore torpedoes to clear land defenses. 

Belgium announced aid worth 90 million euros for Ukraine in January, including missiles, assault rifles, light armored vehicles, ammunition, and the training of a thousand Ukrainian pilots. 

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