Rheinmetall Launches Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle Factory in Hungary

German defense company Rheinmetall has opened a new Lynx infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) factory in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary.

The 33-hectare facility adds to the firm’s production of tracked and wheeled armored vehicles for the Hungarian military.

Furthermore, it will play a primary role in Zrínyi 2026, a program to modernize Hungary’s armed forces with locally produced equipment.

The factory will also incorporate a test center.

It will include an electromagnetic vulnerability/climate chamber, a firing tunnel, and a 3D measurement cell to support corresponding mobile technologies, logistics concepts, and cutting-edge production.

The Zalaegerszeg plant is expected to create 350 new jobs.

Lynx infantry fighting vehicle factory in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
Lynx infantry fighting vehicle factory in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary. Photo: Rheinmetall

“The opening of Rheinmetall’s new factory in Zalaegerszeg is a significant step for our company and a sign of our close ties with the government and armed forces of Hungary, an EU partner and fellow NATO member state,” Rheinmetall Executive Board Chairman Armin Papperger stated.

“We’re proud to be part of the growing industrial community in Zalaegerszeg and look forward to working with local partners and drawing on local talent.”

“Hundreds of people are working together here in Zalaegerszeg to produce top-notch military systems for the Hungarian armed forces as well as export customers.”

Hungary’s IFV Fleet

Rheinmetall received the 2-billion euro ($2.2-billion) order of more than 200 Lynx KF41 IFVs for Hungarian defense in 2020.

In addition to the IFV fleet, the company will supply the country with 18 combat support vehicles, including Büffel/Buffalo 3 armored recovery vehicles and 38 military trucks.

The package consists of simulators, training, spare parts, and sustainment services.

The initial delivery will comprise 46 Germany-produced Lynx systems in command and control configuration. The second tranche will consist of additional variants that are now being manufactured locally.

In 2021, Rheinmetall revealed that the government’s future Lynx IFV fleet will be equipped with the StrikeShield hard-kill active protection system.

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