Sweden, Ukraine Agree to Jointly Produce CV90 Combat Vehicle

Sweden and Ukraine have agreed to jointly produce the Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) infantry fighting vehicle.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson signed a letter of intent for the production, training, and maintenance of the vehicle last week.

“One key element to the success of both defensive and offensive operations on the battlefield is the mobility, firepower, reliability, and crew protection of a modern tracked infantry fighting vehicle,” a Kristersson statement read.

“Acknowledging that CV90 is a highly effective and modern combat vehicle, Sweden and Ukraine share the conviction that further cooperation on the CV90 platform will be mutually beneficial.”

Swedish Military Aid

Stockholm’s military support for Ukraine since 2022 has amounted to over 20 billion Swedish kronor ($1.83 billion), including Leopard tanks, anti-aircraft systems, and Archer artillery systems.

In January, the Scandinavian country announced the donation of 50 CV90s to Ukraine, with delivery taking place in June.

The CV90

The tracked family of vehicles provides mobility, air defense, anti-tank capability, survivability, and protection.

BAE Land Systems Hagglunds and Saab Bofors developed the vehicle for the Swedish military from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, with induction starting in 1994.

Around 1,300 vehicles of multiple configurations have been produced since then, with export to eight countries, including five NATO members: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, and Norway.


The tracked vehicle features the Bofors L70 40mm autocannon as its main gun. 

It also features a roof-mounted coaxial 7.62mm Ksp 58C machine gun.

The 28-ton armor-protected vehicle is powered by a 550-hp diesel engine and has a top speed of 70 kilometers (43 miles) per hour.

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