Ukraine to Destroy Bridge Linking Russia to Crimea by Mid-2024: Intel

Ukraine plans to blow up the bridge connecting Russia to Crimea by the first half of 2024 to strengthen its campaign in liberating the occupied region.

The report came from a high-ranking Ukrainian military intelligence official, who asked not to be named in an interview with The Guardian.

He said the 12-mile (19-kilometer) Kerch Bridge has become the symbol of Russian occupation in Crimea and its destruction is now “inevitable.”

Destroying the bridge would impair Moscow’s ability to carry out offensives, as its troops would be forced to use main roads for transporting supplies.

The intelligence official told the outlet that the Ukrainian military already has most of the means needed to carry out the planned attack.

Failed Attempts

The Ukrainian military has already tried to destroy the bridge twice: in October 2022 and June 2023.

The powerful explosion in the first attack caused certain sections of the bridge to collapse, but Moscow was able to restore it.

Less than a year later, Kyiv once again targeted the infrastructure using one-way sea drones, causing “significant damage.”

Because of the attacks, Russian occupiers fortified the Kerch Bridge by installing special underwater barriers to protect it from aerial and underwater sabotage.

The invading forces have also reportedly deployed more troops to defend what analysts call an “obvious target.”

The extensive measures Moscow has taken to further protect the bridge have raised questions as to how the Ukrainian military would pull off its planned attack.

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