Swedish Navy to Receive New Surface Combat Ships, Tugboats

Sweden has confirmed the integration of additional surface combat ships and tugboats into the Royal Swedish Navy.

The four combat ships will be christened the Luleå-class to honor cities on Sweden’s north and western coasts “that have or have had great importance for the navy.”

Meanwhile, the four tugboats to be integrated will bear names inspired by Greek mythology. The fleet will be called the Hermes class.

The deliveries for the Luleå class are expected in 2030, while the Hermes class boats will be received from 2023 to 2024. Complete details regarding the construction of the vessels have not yet been finalized.

Luleå-Class Surface Combatants

The lead vessel HMS Luleå will bear the name of Sweden’s main shipping port for the Lapland iron ore and steel industry. In addition, the vessel honors the strategic role of the Northern Cape in securing Sweden’s policy area of interest.

The next ship, HMS Norrköping, is the sixth named after the port city of Bråviken.

The HMS Trelleborg will be the first to bear the name of the town known for shipping since the Viking Age.

The town contributes to commercial trade across the Scandinavian peninsula, the Baltic Sea, and the rest of Europe.

The final ship, HMS Halmstad, honors the importance of the west coast and the North Sea to the Royal Swedish Navy. From the 1670s to the 1700s, the city of Halmstad played an important role during the battle between Swedish and Danish forces.

“The Luleå class will be larger than our existing Visby- and Gävle-class corvettes and be equipped to operate in all levels of conflict against targets on, above and below the surface,” Royal Swedish Navy Chief Rear Admr. Ewa Skoog Haslum stated.

“The ships will be important additions to an active defense and they will also be adapted to international contexts with our partner countries.”

Hermes-Class Tugs

The future tugboats include the Hermes, Hera, Hebe, and Heros. Previous iterations of the class consisted of older versions of tugs produced between the 1950s and 1970s. These vessels were modernized and later sold to international partners.

“The harbor tugs will be part of the new naval base battalions set up in 2023. The battalions will become part of the Navy’s regular logistics function in the fall and our new harbor tugs are a much-needed addition,” Skoog Haslum explained.

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