Russia Trying to Change Missile Strike Tactics Against Ukraine: Intel

Russia is trying to recalibrate its missile strike tactics against Ukrainian territories, according to a recent Kyiv military intelligence report.

Ukraine defense ministry spokesman Andriy Chernyak revealed that the sudden change in tactics came after Moscow learned from its mistakes in the ongoing war.

Reports indicated that Kyiv’s sophisticated air defense systems had intercepted some of Russia’s most potent missiles.

Chernyak also claimed that President Vladimir Putin is running out of “not only high-precision missiles, but missile weapons in general.”

Sanctions have significantly impacted Russia’s ability to resupply its troops with the needed weapons and equipment to attack Ukraine.

‘They Use Much More Than They Produce’

The defense ministry representative said Russia still has “thousands of missiles” left for use against Kyiv.

The country can also produce more than 40 rockets per month to support its combat operations.

However, Chernyak claimed that the problem lies with Moscow’s overuse of its remaining missiles.

“They use much more than they produce,” he stressed. “The old missiles that they have in service either do not reach due to a malfunction or have a limited radius of attack.”

One of Russia’s most devastating missile strikes occurred in January, just after Germany and other Western nations pledged to send tanks to Ukraine.

A weekend strike on a residential building in Ukraine’s center-east city of Dnipro killed at least 45 people, including two children.

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