EU Launches Next-Gen Combat Unmanned Ground Vehicle Project

The European Defence Agency (EDA) has launched a combat unmanned ground system development project.

The Combat Unmanned Ground Systems (CUGS) project will define, design, and develop “a set of functional modules” to integrate with various autonomous ground vehicles.

Three-Stage Project

The CUGS demonstrator’s standard-based architecture will be developed during the first phase of the 36-month project.

The combat functional modules will be developed and the Themis, Wiesel, Type X, Lince 2 VTLM, and Patria AMV vehicles adapted for the modules in the second phase. 

During the final phase,  the modules will be mounted and tested on the platforms.

Large Multinational Project

The 35.5-million euro ($38 million) project involves nine European Union member states and 28 European industry partners. 

“Deploying unmanned systems reduces the danger to human personnel and manned platforms, while increasing robustness, sustainability, and resilience of ground systems,” EDA wrote.

“It is expected that these systems will play an increased role in future armed forces by bringing faster maneuverability and more efficient and precise lethal and non-lethal effects, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of land systems and ensuring an advantage in respect to the adversary.”

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