EU Proposes Boosting MBDA Shoulder-Fired Missile Production

The European Commission has proposed to fund increased production of the Enforcer shoulder-fired missile system.

The funding is proposed through the 500 million euro ($540 million) Act of Support in Ammunition Production (ASAP) program that seeks to ramp up ammunition and missile production in EU countries.

The Enforcer Production Increase Campaign (EPIC) intends to boost the MBDA missile’s production in Schrobenhausen, Germany, and at MBDA partner companies in Europe.

Latest Orders

“The ASAP EPIC project is a great opportunity to ramp up Enforcer missile production, while making it more resilient and faster,” MBDA CEO Eric Beranger said.

It comes as the company clinched an export order for the missile in February, months after its full-rate production kicked off in support of a 76-million-euro ($81 million) German order.


The lightweight missile provides precision firepower to dismounted soldiers against light-armored vehicles and machine-gun wielding groups of adversaries.

It can strike both static and moving targets, even in confined spaces. 

The 12-kilogram (26-pound) weapon has an effective range of 2,000 meters (6,562 feet).

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