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ST Engineering Unveils ‘Taurus’ Unmanned Ground Vehicle With Drone

ST Engineering has introduced an unmanned ground vehicle that can be equipped with a multirotor drone for improved surveillance.

Displayed at the Singapore Air Show 2024, the “Taurus” four-wheel drive robotic vehicle features customizable modularity and mobility to address various military needs.

It is designed to support manned-unmanned teaming, as it can operate alongside the company’s eight-wheel drive Terrex s5 infantry fighting vehicle.

Some of the missions the Taurus can carry out include logistics transport, casualty evacuation, and surveillance in areas difficult to reach by conventional military vehicles.

It can also be fitted with a robotic arm for material handling.

According to the Singaporean tech firm, development of the robotic vehicle was completed last year, but it did not have a launch customer at the time.

Accompanying Drone

The Taurus has various configurations depending on how operators will use it.

It can also carry a four-legged robot to extend its field of surveillance, or be equipped with a generator set to extend the operating endurance.

ST Engineering said the surveillance configuration has attracted the most interest.

It features the DrN-15 drone, which has a flight endurance of up to 40 minutes and can fly beyond the operator’s visual line of sight.

It also boasts obstacle detection and collision avoidance capabilities.

The drone has already received approval for flight by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.

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